Lets Ride Lincoln - Moto Skills Challenge

By K1600GT, 10 August, 2023
Training Organization

The Novice skills course will have 4 different competition patterns. The Keyhole, the Modified Dippy, The Button and the W. Here are the patterns and the measurements so that you can practice up before the event.

Remember that the winner of this event, in both Division 2 and Division 3, will receive a 1st place trophy and a $350.00 Visa Gift Card. If you have any questions you can email us at lrlmotoskillschallenge@gmail.com.


Our expert skills competition course is just that... for the experts! I look forward to watching and learning!!! This will be a great time to come out and learn from the best there is around. I find it amazing to watch these riders twist and turn their bike around these cones. This takes extreme talent and skill and comes from years of practice and training! Come out and watch them maneuver through the Impossible Bleeding Ulcers, The Modified Harp, The Circle Square and the Spirograph.

Event Dates
Latitude / Longitude
40.815171, -96.77903