Control Freaks Cone Patterns

By K1600GT, 21 June, 2023

From their facebook page: 

Like all of the similar groups, this one was created to help all motorodeo riders who are training daily - whether training to compete or simply to become a safer, more confident rider. For now it will just be a library of cone patterns. You'll find images of the patterns in the 'Cone Patterns' Photo Album and their printable PDF versions will be in the Files section of the group.

There aren't as many patterns here as there are on other websites right now. I am trying not to add the lesser-used or themed patterns unless they are requested. I'm trying to illustrate the more popular and interesting patterns as well as the newer custom patterns designed by the talented folks in our global motorodeo community. There will still be many of the tried-and-true traditional patterns for the beginners and the riders who train only with the classics.


Control Freaks Cone Patterns
Clairton, PA 15025
United States